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Don’t tolerate stupidity.

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  • Director: Alright show me your slave face
  • Jasper: *turns around and smiles*
  • Director: Why are you smiling?
  • Jasper: I imagined myself as a house slave, you know a house nigga. We got it good, all we gotta do is wash dishes


tbh I like OF for their music and clothing and shit and all that but really at the heart of it all, they’re all a bunch of people who love eachother and arent afraid to be themselves around them and it’s like their one big ass family… 

and I’m waiting for my family too.


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Anonymous said : Who's Haley that tyler talks about in his songs 


Is this a serious question or?


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vilevenemousvolatile said : Wicked kept me on the edge of my seat. I will definitely keep reading your shit you're an amazing writer 

Thank you 😘💖✨

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