Tyler & Taco ima buy you a drankkkkk

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Fucking Idiots Part 4

So my step sister got in trouble over some stupid shit as always and her mom takes away her iPad and her iPhone. My step sister still has her laptop so she can do her summer homework and all that shit.

So she starts tweeting how much she hates her mom and shit. I’m reading it laughing (I follow her on twitter and I just happened to be on it at the time)

But get this!: Her mom was reading the tweets as she was tweeting this shit because her twitter is linked to her iPad and iPhone and people were retweeting what she was saying and she didn’t sign out like a dumb ass.

So her mom sees all the shit she’s saying and what not and she calls her back down.

Meanwhile I’m fucking weak laughing because her mom is pissed as fuck and my step sister is dumb as fuck. 

Her mom confronts her and she’s salty as fuck. You should have seen the fear in her face. She’s an idiot bro.

To end this she didn’t get her phone back until like a few days later and had to write her mom an apology letter and shit.

At the end of the day she’s an idiot.


I don’t think people give Tyler the Creator enough credit. They think he’s just a joke, but some of his music is actually really deep and has emotion. He’s very creative and I respect that.

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